Carnes Creek Baptist Church was constituted on February 20, 1874, in Habersham County, now Stephens County, with a total of 36 Charter Members. They are as follows: Airy S. Waters, Letty Davis, Hariett Hoxy, Sarah M. Davis, Cyntha Ayers, Catherine Terrell, Saphrona Hozy, Mabala Holcomb, Helen F. Cawthon, Elizabeth M. Davis, William Busha, Asa M. Davis, Sherwood Holcomb, B. D. Terrell, Isac Hozy, F. D. Eslters, Larkin Cawthon, E. H. Davis, R. S. Davis, John Holcomb and F. C. Davis. The first church building was located on the “Old Red Hollow Road”, now known as “Currahee Lane”, from 1874 to 1898, when the congregation moved into a new building. This building served as the house of worship until November, 1966, when the congregation moved into the present building which was dedicated on January 1, 1967. The church was first a member of the Liberty Baptist Association, but voted on September 8, 1899, to call for a letter of dismissal and then joined the Tugalo Baptist Association in September 1900. The church records show that an offering of $1.25 was received for foreign missions in July, 1884; the church voted to organize a Sabbath School on April 12, 1886; held a called conference to organize a Prayer Service on June 10, 1917; started using Southern Baptist literature on January 13, 1923; agreed to two services per month instead of one on April 13, 1944; started Training Union in 1945; organized Women Missionary Union in 1950; organized Brotherhood in 1955; voted to go full-time beginning October 1, 1956, with Rev. J. E. Cornett serving as first full-time pastor; elected a pastorium building committee on June 4, 1985; dedicated new Education Building in memory of Reverend Wayne Cain on August 27, 1989; purchased and installed new sanctuary sound system in October of 1993.

The Baptist Faith and Message

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